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Hi, welcome to several levels. We are dedicated to making excellent, performant, modern websites.

The Modern Web is Built with JavaScript

JavaScript has quickly taken over the web community with its versatility and vast range of powers

this site was made with React and Gatsby JS


The high-level programming language is extremely dynamic and powerful and I can make some magnificent software with JavaScript.

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React is my preferred Javascript library. React’s flexibility and the component based structure makes it easy to work with while making extremely powerful apps.

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NodeJS keeps my workflow in JavaScript and allows for apps to be built quickly and efficiently. Node is async by nature thus keeping sites running at optimal performance.

several levels

web and app development

"We do things different striving for originality and modernity"

To Live and Breath With a CMS

CMS's can make the backend user experience incredible, but they can also add a lot of weight and unnecessary code to the project. We customize CMS themes to ensure great performance and user accessibility

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We make custom themes and plugins for the world's most popular CMS.

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PHP is the backbone of most of the world's servers that powers a majority of websites. PHP is necessary for all WordPress configurations.

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Shopify is my preferred ecommerce platform. We customize themes and generate dynamic front facing stores.

"having the world's information in your pocket takes unrelenting responsibility"

The World in Our Pocket

app development can directly bring prodcuts to a user's hands


We develop iOS apps with Swift. Swift is a lot of fun to make new and exciting apps for Apple's App Store.

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Android is the most popular phone OS in the world, let's put an app on the Play Store

"previous work for a past to drive the future"


Feel free to check out some sites I've made

Unreal C++

Unreal C++

GatsbyJS Blog



Custom WordPress Theme

Hartfield Financial Solutions

Hartfield Financial Solutions

Angular 1 Single Page App

Get in Touch

We're available for freelance work. Contact us to move the conversation forward. We can discuss services and budget. Some of our services include web/app development, website maintenance, WordPress site customization, and WordPress maintenance


Harrison McGuire


Boca Raton, FL

Where To Find Me

Several Levels Productions, LLC is currently a one person LLC lead by Harrison McGuire.